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How do I know if my college or university is a member of DigiTex so that I can take courses at other colleges/ universities through the consortium?

DigiTex members include all public community colleges in Texas; you can find a list here. If your college or university is not a DigiTex member, contact Acadeum at to see if your institution participates independently or as a member of another consortium.

Can I enroll in courses directly through Acadeum myself?

No. First, you must be enrolled at your local Texas community college (your Home Institution, or HI) to take courses via DigiTex/Acadeum. If you are, you can view available courses and request enrollment in a course through Acadeum, but your request must be approved by a designated individual, often the DigiTex Coordinator and/or an advisor, at your HI. For contact info for your college’s DigiTex Coordinator, click on your college’s name here.

What kinds of courses can I take through DigiTex/Acadeum?

Course selection varies from term to term, but both academic/core and workforce/technical courses can be included on the platform. Contact your college’s DigiTex Coordinator for more information about course selection and availability.

How do I access learning materials for courses taken through DigiTex/Acadeum? 

Teaching Institutions (TIs) usually place a link to their bookstore in the TI welcome letter that is sent to students when the Teaching Institution accepts their enrollment requests. Additionally, required learning materials should be posted in the TI’s Learning Management System (LMS), and students should view them when they log into the LMS. Students can work with the TI to find the best method for acquiring the materials if unavailable digitally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Back to Top


How is quality assured for courses offered through DigiTex? 

Participating colleges agree to the standards outlined in a consortial agreement, including compliance with standards and requirements set by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Syllabi and faculty credentials, such as CVs, are available for most courses and some include student learning assessment information as well. HIs can control what courses are made available to their students.

What are the costs for my college to participate? 

Costs vary depending on whether a college serves as a Teaching Institution, a Home Institution, or both. Fees include an annual platform access fee and, for TIs, a portion of the student enrollment fee. For more information, including possible discounts and/or subsidies for platform access fees, contact

What courses are eligible for inclusion on Acadeum’s Academic Sharing Platform through DigiTex? 

A credit-bearing course eligible for inclusion on Acadeum’s platform through the consortium meets the following criteria:

  • If not in either manual it is on both the Home and Teaching Institutions’ inventory of approved academic or technical courses.

How can my institution participate in course sharing through DigiTex/Acadeum?

If you are at a Texas public community college, email Judith Sebesta at to request more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Back to Top


How much do courses cost through the consortium? 

Enrollment fees vary and are set by the Teaching Institution. However, the average cost for a 3-hour course is around $225.

How are course grades and credit transcribed?

When a student takes a course at another institution (TI) through our consortium, the course grade and credit are recorded on the transcript from the HI (where the student is enrolled). The TI sends student grades to the HI through Acadeum’s Academic Sharing Platform. Teaching Institutions and Home Institutions use import and export files to load and download grades, and Acadeum sends emails when grades are due (TI) and available (HI).

Is Acadeum a Learning Management System (LMS)? 

No. Acadeum’s Academic Sharing Platform facilitates enrollment and payment processes and provides additional student support. When students enroll in a course through Acadeum, they will receive information to log into the Teaching Institution’s LMS, through which the course will be delivered. 

 More advice and answers from the Acadeum Team can be found here.                                                                                                                      Back to Top

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