GTF Grant Success Story #4: Brittany Sutton

Brittany Sutton is an athletic trainer at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, TX, where she also completed a three-year course of studies to become a licensed athletic trainer. Following her graduation in August 2022, she decided that she wanted to continue her education with a Master’s degree in Athletic Training from Angelo State University. However, she needed certain prerequisite classes to qualify for admission into the program.

To complete some of her required classes, Brittany consulted with nearby Ranger College and was advised that she could obtain the Physics class that she needed through digital course sharing powered by Acadeum. Due to her busy schedule working over 40 hours each week, the option to take asynchronous digital classes on her own time was very helpful. In fact, Brittany stated that she “would have been unable to attend an in-person class or even one that met via Zoom,” because she’s always on the go. 

She found her Physics course to be sufficiently challenging and the course content to be of a high quality, and she noted that even though the class was online, she was still expected to learn all of the course content just as if she were listening to a lecture in a classroom. She also found the course to be easy to navigate, and mentioned that she had found the learning management system and virtual labs to be very user-friendly. 

Overall, Brittany said that she was impressed by this opportunity to take a class that was not offered by her local community college: “This is something that I would have taken advantage of sooner had I known about it, and [I] encourage other students to do the same.” We wish Brittany much success as she embarks on her Master’s studies this Summer!